Neu Freudental

(Photographs copyrighted by Rich and Gayla Aspenleiter)

Even though Neu Freudental was once a German village, it is now a Ukrainian village and inhabited by mostly Ukrainians although we did meet one woman who was German and still living there. The foundations of many of the houses and wells still standing were built by our German people.

Road coming into Neu Freudental

This is the site where the old German church used to be

Ancestral home of Philipp Enzi - note the stone wall

Ancestral home of Christina Ohlhauser

Old German cellar where Eduard Ohlhauser used to reside

Prior German home of Karolina Ohlhauser - house abandoned now. Notice the old well in front of house. 

Prior ancestral home of Karl Ohlhauser - updated to Ukrainian home now. 

Old German well still being used 

View of Neu Freudental

Another view of Neu Freudental

Visiting with German lady (middle) still living in Neu Freudental

Grocery store in Neu Freudental