Notes: Founded in 1857.  Hutterdorf, also known as Kucheva, was a communal property village established by 33 families from Johannesruh located by Orekhov, 80 miles north of Huttertal. Between 1874 and 1879 all Hutterite families (except two who became Mennonites) left Russia and came to the United States where they settled in South Dakota.

Pioneer Settler Surnames:   Fast, Gross, Hofer, Janzen, Kleinsasser, Knels, Stahl, Tschetter, Walter, Waldner, Wipf, Wollman, and Wurtz.      

There are many books that will help you with researching ancestors from this village:

Map of the Hutterite Colonies: From Catherine to Khruschev by Dr. Adam Giesinger (page 100)

Ship Records - Many of the ship names and dates can be found in the book Hutterite Roots