Neu Hutteral

Notes: Founded in 1866 in the Saporoshje/Melitopol area of Russia.  Neu Huttertal was also known as Debricha.  Neu Hutteral is daughter colony of Huttertal, located north of Hutterdorf, about 80 miles north of Huttertal. Handbuch Russland-Deutsche by Ulrich Mertens states: from 18741879 all Hutterites (except two families who joined the Mennonites) left Russia and came to the United States where they settled in South Dakota.

Pioneer Settler Surnames:   Gross, Hofer, Mendel, Tschetter, Waldner, Walter, Wipf, and Wollman. 

There are many books that will help you with researching ancestors from this village:

Map of the Hutterite Colonies: From Catherine to Khruschev by Dr. Adam Giesinger (page 100)

Ship Records - Many of the ship names and dates can be found in the book Hutterite Roots