Ohlhauser/Wohl and Gross/Tschetter Family Ties

This website is dedicated to my parents, Ray and Bert (Gross) Ohlhauser, and all my German-Russian ancestors

Welcome to Family Ties, the genealogy site focused on the Ohlhauser/Wohl and Tschetter/Gross families who immigrated to the United States from South Russia (now Ukraine).

Documenting your family history preserves it for generations to come. It is a process that never ends as family members pass on, sons and daughters marry, and new branches on the family tree are created. Please help me to continue this living document by sending me changes in your branch of the family tree.

I am willing to share most of my research openly, a privatized version of my database is available at www.blackseagr.org, but in order to protect family members still living, a username and password are required for the private version of the database which contains pictures, documents, and private information. Enjoy the site and thanks for sharing.

Ray & Bertha Ohlhauser (1946)

Elizabeth (Tschetter) Gross & Bertha (1936) and her father Eli Gross (1925)

Lorenz and Susanna (Hofer) Tschetter Family

Martin F. and Elizabeth (Wohl) Ohlhauser family (1939)

Friedrich and Juliana (Kiemele) Wohl

Friedrich and Elizabeth (Schlect) Ohlhauser

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